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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Please don’t take away my Turkey Day!

Is it just me or have the retailers just skipped over Thanksgiving this year? In a struggling economy, is there not enough monetary value for Thanksgiving to be recognized? I noticed Christmas trinkets were put out immediately following Halloween this year.  Thanksgiving is my favorite Holiday so; I’d hate to see its promotion drowned out between the screams of Halloween and the silver bells of Christmas. Is there just not enough Thanksgiving stuff for stores to sell and promote?

I love Thanksgiving for a host of reasons. First, Thanksgiving happens at a time of year when the weather changes and my family starts feeling the mood to be a little cozier. The light of the day in this season carries a little more white light and vivid colors than the sun drenched yellow hues of summer. Secondly, it’s a Holiday without the distractions and pretence of getting people stuff. Thanksgiving to me is the simplicity of enjoying a warm meal on a crisp day while engaging others in thoughtful conversation. As a tradition adopted from a friend; my family reflects on what we’ve been grateful for throughout the year. We also open our home to those who have family out of town or don’t have someone to celebrate with. In some years, we’ll even host a separate “Friend’s Thanksgiving” (though raising a family has put this on hiatus). Now don’t get me wrong, presents are nice, and the real significance of Christmas is wonderful but, what other holiday focuses on the simple joy of getting to know new people or knowing the one’s you care about just a bit better?

Turkey figurines and harvest satchels may not fly off the shelves like Santa’s village or the latest Pixar toy collection. But, it’s a worthy quiet before the consumer driven shopping storm. And, believe it or not, retailers are missing out on some great marketing. Kudos to the furniture store selling tables and dishware so Thanksgiving hosts can better accommodate their guests. Congratulations to the peddlers of 20 lb frozen turkeys, deep fryers, and the firemen that respond to those who try the combination without thawing the birds first. And, special recognition to the hawkers of canned cranberries and pumpkin for which, if not for Thanksgiving, there would be very little use. So, I say you to you retailers, you can wait a few weeks or, be a little more creative in cashing in on Thanksgiving’s unique values. Until then, please don’t take away my Turkey Day!

PS I’ve been doing some personal reflection through a leadership course which has put an amazing writer’s block on my normal “best practices” writings. But, I have a cadre of new material to espouse my two cents on in the New Year. 

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